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Pasang Chutin Sherpa

I was 1 month old when I lost my father. I did not really know much but according to my grandma, it was very devastating for us because it means the family lost a son, a husband, and a father.

Ever since the accident, it was hard to live a normal life because my grandparents had to take the responsibility of looking after me and giving me opportunities in education. I want to continue my study because I wish to help my grandparents who raised me so well despite all the difficulties.

Being a teacher is my goal because I hope to motivate other kids to work for their dreams, and I also wish to share my knowledge with everyone and become a useful citizen for my country.

Despite financial difficulties, I really miss my father. As I grow older, the concept of father, once unclear, becomes more vivid, especially when I see other kids playing with their father and hanging out. I didn’t have my father to look up to when I feel sad. I didn’t have a father to share my day and share my exam result. While some people think these are the most normal and trivial moments with their fathers, it has been an unattainable dream for me.

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