You can become 

  1. A sponsor: you can choose to make a one-time donation to support their education. Or even better, you can choose a student/students to build a long-term sponsorship and friendship. In the latter case, we will conduct online meetings to introduce both sponsors and beneficiaries. You will get opportunities to get to know each other and become friends. 
  1. A member: you can join the group to support our cause. You will be participating in our regular meetings, arranging events, communicating with sponsors and students, and tutoring sessions. This requires sincere passion and long-term dedication. Since all members work for free, salaries aren’t available currently.  
  1. A volunteer: if you share our cause but find it hard to work continuously. You can volunteer in our events. 

If you need financial aid, please contact us through email. We will communicate with you privately and evaluate the application process. 


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