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Namgel Jangbu Rai

I was 15 years old when I lost my father. I was mature enough to understand what was going around, and what did it mean to our family. This accident turned my life upside down. Being an older son in the family was really hard because all of the responsibilities were suddenly on my shoulder.

At that time, I couldn’t work because I need to finish my education first — all I could do was console my mother that everything will be alright. Deep in our hearts, we all know everything changed. Fortunately, my uncle and other people helped us a lot, so I am very grateful.

There are 3 people in my family. My mom is a housewife, and my younger sister is currently studying in grade 7. Being a housewife most of her life, my mom does not have any job that we can rely on. While she is also a farmer, we are not able to cultivate many things except potatoes because of her high attitude. As a result, little profit is gained, and our main problem is our income.

After I lost my father, it changes everything in my life. I was sad and depressed for some time.

As for now, I regained my goal to continue my study because I want to give them every happiness that they desire.

I am currently doing hotel management in grade 12. I want to finish my bachelor's degree. Being raised in mountains, I really like hiking and trekking. So I wanted to open a trekking agency and a lodge in the future. Besides, I want to become a social worker because I wanted to help people like me because I know the feeling of desperation.

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