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Furdikee Sherpa

Starting from first, my dad was from the small village of solukhumbu where it was hard to achieve something big. Later, when he got married to mom and had me and my sister, they decided to move to Kathmandu, the capital city, in order to provide us with better opportunities. Besides our hope of creating a better life in Kathmandu, we also had struggles: adapting new place, new people, house rent…

Still, our family stayed optimistic, and my parents provided us with a joyful home and raised us well. Dad worked in the mountaineering sector while mom ran a small hotel in the village during the season. My father became an INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAIN GUIDE, the greatest achievement of a mountain guide,  which we are proud of.

As our life started to get better, luck suddenly turned away. It was a normal climbing season like every other one. No one knew it would take away my father’s life. Each year mountain guidance takes the risk in their life not just for earning money but also to fulfill the responsibility that they carry on their shoulders. In the same way, my father went there and made a successful summit.

After he had returned to camp 2 the place where the most dangerous point had passed — life played an unfortunate game. He stepped backward when clicking a photo, then slipped and fell off a very deep crevasse. After being rescued by a professional team, dad was taken to Namche and received the necessary treatment. Though he stayed for some time, he was still taken away from us.

Back in Kathmandu, the rest of the family was together that night. I came to know about the news the next morning from my mother with tears in her eyes. I was frozen, not knowing what to do or how to get through the situation — the pain, the devastation, everything in that morning cannot be described by simple words. Even now I don't know if I had come through it yet.

There were many people to help and care for us and they did their best to help us but the pain and suffering deep inside beneath the heart is still there.

Being 18, I have decided what I want in my life: as my parents had done so much for us I will study hard and become a useful person to the world. Yes, I will do it from my whole heart and make everyone around me proud. Years past the awful morning, I know we will have space for our beloved dad in my heart.

She is seeking to extend her college experience abroad to study computer science.

Currently under the generous sponsorship of Eric Li.

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